Share Draft Accounts

To build from here, start with a great foundation.

When you need a good, basic checking account to handle your day-to-day finances, our Share Draft account fits the bill perfectly. But this is no ordinary checking account. Your Mills42 Share Draft account is completely free—no minimum balance requirement and no monthly service charges, as well as unlimited check writing with no per-check fees.

Plus, with access to Overdraft Protection, you won’t get hit with expensive penalties and fees if you accidentally write a check or make a debit transaction that is more than your available account balance.

When you think about it, a Mills42 Share Draft account is actually a pretty amazing thing. And it’s so easy to get one. Enroll online, give us a call, or simply stop by the branch and we’ll get you set up.

Not a member yet? We’ll take care of that for you as you’re opening your account or taking out a loan. If you want to get a jump-start, enroll online or just give us a call at 978.328.5100. We’ll be happy to help you build from here.

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